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  • Welcome to the National Schools' Observatory Support Website

    Liverpool TelescopeThe aim of this support website is to provide more detailed information about how the NSO resources can be used while ensuring the main NSO website doesn't become too cluttered with the wealth of additional resources, ideas and facilities we can make available here.

    For some of the sections of this website you will need to log in with your NSO username and password. This allows you to use some of the more interactive features, and also to personalise your use of the site.

    There are resources specifically aimed at teachers and other educators, but there is also material here that will be of interest to others who want to develop their skills further.

    At the point when we launch this website we will have transferred the basic help and support information about using the Liverpool Telescope here, and over the coming weeks will add many more resources related to the projects and activities on the main website.

    The main website will always point out when there are additional resources available on the support site so that you don't have to worry about missing out on anything.

    We are not aiming to duplicate resources here, so you will find many of the support links go directly to the main website. In this way we will also be helping you discover the range of resources we have available for you that might not be obvious at first glance.

    If you need any help, please email

  • Introduction to the National Schools' Observatory

    NSO Logo Black
    The National Schools' Observatory (NSO) is a major educational website, established by Liverpool John Moores University, to allow schools to make their own observations alongside professional astronomers with the world's largest fully-robotic telescope - the Liverpool Telescope.

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